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Access my comprehensive transformation program ‘Best of You’ and build the body you want.

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When we work together, you get an easy-to-follow, results-oriented approach. What you don’t get are excuses. I’m there to encourage you, provide you with a vision for your future, and give you a plan to achieve it. I want you to be a mama with a sexy six-pack and toned arms and legs, one who’s confident and comfortable with her bod.

And if you’re here, then I know you’re still searching for your solution.

What I offer is this: a personalized plan with all the necessary information you need to ensure you’re not only able to execute the plan, but that you’ll succeed. I teach you how to live your life while achieving the fitness and weight loss goals you’ve always wanted. The body, the outfits, the stares (good stares)–it will all become a reality.

But you must commit. You must believe in yourself. And you must be willing to make this a priority.

I know firsthand what it’s like to be busy, to always be on the go, and to put other people’s needs before your own. But I also know that by not making you a priority, you’re not the best you you can be.

Just check out our transformation gallery and let the results speak for themselves.

“Sue has completely given her heart and soul to helping people reach their goals. Hourglass has completely changed my life. Total soulmate workout!!”

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