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Join us for an in-studio experience. Locations in Markham  and Aurora.

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Access my comprehensive transformation program ‘Best of You’ and build the body you want.

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Corporate Training

Could your comany use some guidance in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

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When we work together, you get an easy-to-follow, results-oriented approach. What you don’t get are excuses. I’m there to encourage you, provide you with a vision for your future, and give you a plan to achieve it. I want you to be a mama with a sexy six-pack and toned arms and legs, one who’s confident and comfortable with her bod.

And if you’re here, then I know you’re still searching for your solution.

What I offer is this: a personalized plan with all the necessary information you need to ensure you’re not only able to execute the plan, but that you’ll succeed. I teach you how to live your life while achieving the fitness and weight loss goals you’ve always wanted. The body, the outfits, the stares (good stares)–it will all become a reality.

But you must commit. You must believe in yourself. And you must be willing to make this a priority.

I know firsthand what it’s like to be busy, to always be on the go, and to put other people’s needs before your own. But I also know that by not making you a priority, you’re not the best you you can be.

So if you’re ready to make this about you and have the body you’ve always wished for, then check out some ways we can make it happen:

Hourglass Workouts

Two locations in the Greater Toronto Area–one studio is in Markham and the other is in Richmondhill.

Studio members have the option of visiting both studios at their convenience. Both studios are all-women, non-intimidating environments, where we not only teach, but also offer a thorough and intense nutrition program.

When you join Hourglass, you’re guaranteed results. Each of our instructors give personalized, thorough direction, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and willing to provide the utmost information and counselling to get you there.

How Hourglass Works

The Hourglass program focuses on three parts of the body on three different days of the week. For instance, one day the focus will be the lower body, the next the upper body, and then the full body. Most women commit to a three month program minimum in order for them to see significant results. The classes are addictive, fun, and never ever the same!

Nutritional Counselling

Combining my approach and experience with our resident Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Ky Lo, we offer several options in Nutritional Counselling online or in person for both men and women.

From a personalized diet with specific goals, to weight loss options for dietary restrictions or allergies and recipes for clean eating and menu planning, we give you easy to follow information with realistic guidelines.

Just check out our transformation gallery and let the results speak for themselves.


“Sue has completely given her heart and soul to helping people reach their goals. Hourglass has completely changed my life. Total soulmate workout!!”