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Why You’re Gaining Weight On A ‘Healthy’ Diet


Have you ever found yourself puzzled, despite all your hard work following a disciplined fitness routine and eating “healthy” foods…

You’re still not losing weight…

Or worse, gaining some?

The answer may shock you.

Here’s a common misunderstanding: All “healthy” foods are good for weight loss. 

That’s simply not true.

Let’s take granola, for example.

Granola is often heralded as a health-food staple. 

It’s made from oats, nuts, and sometimes dried fruit – all healthy, right?

The problem is, it’s often loaded with sugars to improve the taste.

Consuming excessive sugar not only leads to weight gain…

But can also leave you feeling sluggish and slow down your metabolism.

So, what’s really healthy?

Here’s the truth: Foods high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 

These are the heroes in your weight loss journey.

Good options include lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. 

They can fill you up without the excess sugars found in many “healthy” packaged foods.

Remember, it’s not about avoiding all sugars, but learning to balance your intake and understanding where your sugars are coming from is crucial.

So next time you reach for a quick snack, double-check the label. 

That “healthy” choice might be your sneaky sugar saboteur.

Remember, the key to sustainable weight loss isn’t just about following the latest diet fad. 

It’s about understanding what your body needs and making informed choices.

Stay healthy, and keep moving forward on your path to better health, one thought-out snack at a time.

Cheers to healthier choices.


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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

I’m Suzan Galluzzo, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and a mom, too. And I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (without losing your cool). I know what it’s like to be that mother, wife, and caregiver who spends most of her nights awake only to have a full-time, relentless job waiting in the morning. Without her, the household doesn’t run. I get it. Read More >


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