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Why Your Breakfast Routine Needs An Overhaul


I bet you’ve heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

It’s been said so many times, it kind of seems like a fact, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you.

Did you know this statement is just a myth?

I know it’s hard to believe, but let me explain why.

Many of us are guilty of eating whatever we can find in our fridge first thing in the morning…

Believing that eating anything is better than skipping breakfast altogether.

But that’s not the case.

In reality, loading up on high sugar, starchy foods, or grabbing that quick donut on the go, can make us feel sluggish, and crash mid-morning.

So, what’s the truth?

The truth is, it’s not about eating something vs. nothing at all…

But rather what we choose to eat for breakfast that makes all the difference to our health.

Optimizing our first meal of the day with lean proteins, fibrous veggies, and healthy fats can fuel our bodies with long-lasting energy and keep us satiated for hours.

You might be thinking, “That sounds fantastic, but it also sounds like a lot of work!”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a power-packed breakfast:

1. Scramble two egg whites with a small amount of olive oil and add a handful of spinach.
2. Pair it with half an avocado on the side.
3. And, enjoy a small bowl of mixed berries for some natural sweetness.

This is a breakfast that’s quick to prepare, and your body will thank you by giving you the energy you need to conquer your day.

So, let’s discard the old myth and embrace the real truth.

Tomorrow morning, let’s make our breakfast a powerful one!

Remember, a healthier you starts with the first meal of the day.

P.S. If you want more ideas on meals and snacks that actually help you lose and weight and keep it off for good, then schedule a time to chat with me here. We’ll see if Best of You is the right option for you. 


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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

I’m Suzan Galluzzo, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and a mom, too. And I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (without losing your cool). I know what it’s like to be that mother, wife, and caregiver who spends most of her nights awake only to have a full-time, relentless job waiting in the morning. Without her, the household doesn’t run. I get it. Read More >


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