So heres a big one not only for mommies but for any gal in general.  Travelling. Whether your in a car train or plane each has obstacles when trying to eat clean.  I’m in a car for the next 6 hours with my kids.

I have packed a mixture of healthy and not so healthy snacks.  By the time we make it into the car ( you know the 5 trips back into the house to start the dishwasher, take out the garbage, grab your tooth brush, get the kids their last minute items) Everyone including me is hungry again.  I always pack a fresh meal for everyone to eat as soon as we hit the road. And I mean I make a full meal the night before chicken and rice for the kids and my chicken and salad.  Holds everyone off for the first few hours.  If were going on a plane I’m eating that meal as soon as we are waiting in the gates.   Then the wait in the gates staring at chocolate bars and donuts isn’t so tempting. I mean we just left I’m really trying to hold off on the vacation food until I get into my bikini for the first time.  So were 2 hours into the car ride or plane ride and the not so healthy snacks bust out.  Chips, granola bars, goldfish, you get the idea.  Your passing them from kid to kid trying not to sneak a fish cracker in your mouth.  Im not gonna say its easy even I struggle if there’s chocolate dipped digestive cookies around.  But I try. I have my apples and almonds. Ill even splurge on a handful of salt free almonds and eat them really slow until they are done their snacks.  Another idea is pack some boiled egg whites sans the yolk for the stink factor and pop them in your mouth super quick before your husband says what the hell are you eating now… and that’s it. It may seem like allot of effort but preparation is a huge factor in succeeding at clean eating.  This will become more like a habit and effortless. Just trust me.  Xoxo Sue