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The Tiny Organisms Dictating Your Health


This is the final post in a short series on your gut microbiome…

And how it can influence your overall health, including autoimmune disorders. 

The first blog gave a broad overview of the gut microbiome…

And the last blog post discussed how what you eat and your environment can impact your gut health too.

Today, I want to go over potential health issues that can arise from an imbalanced gut.

Our gut bacteria play an important role in overall health. 

Scientists are learning that imbalances in these gut microbes may contribute to many illnesses. 

Here are some of the health problems linked to an “unhealthy” microbiome:

  • Digestion issues: Conditions involving your digestive system like IBS and IBD have been tied to changes in the gut bacteria. There is also evidence that an imbalanced microbiome raises the risk of colon cancer over time.
  • Metabolic diseases: Obesity, diabetes and other metabolic issues cluster together. Research suggests gut microbes influence energy levels and nutrient processing in ways that impact weight and blood sugar control.
  • Mental health matters: Some studies show a connection between depression or disorders like autism and the gut-brain connection. More research is exploring how gut microbes might signal to the brain.
  • Immune responses: The microbiome helps teach the immune system to tell friend from foe. But disruptions may underlie allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases where the immune response attacks the body’s own tissues by mistake.
  • Heart disease risks: Microbes are involved in processes like inflammation and cholesterol levels, both important for heart health. Changes in gut bacteria profiles could nudge cardiovascular risk up or down.

Exactly how changes in gut microbes may influence disease is still being learned. 

Some ideas involve effects on immune reactions…

Hormone signals in the body…

Metabolic byproducts…

And the barrier that lines the gut. 

Taking the time to nurture a diverse, balanced microbiome through small daily habits holds great promise for our overall wellness. 

While research continues, supporting your gut health represents a manageable and potentially protective step. 

I hope this information has shown you the importance of your internal microbial allies. 

And if you have any other questions about your gut health…

Comment below.


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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

I’m Suzan Galluzzo, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and a mom, too. And I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (without losing your cool). I know what it’s like to be that mother, wife, and caregiver who spends most of her nights awake only to have a full-time, relentless job waiting in the morning. Without her, the household doesn’t run. I get it. Read More >


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