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Sue’s Ultimate Guide To Feeding Your Good Bacteria


Last week we started talking about gut health and its connection to autoimmune conditions. 

Today, I want to discuss some easy things you can do every day to take care of the good bacteria in your digestive system.

The trillions of microbes living in your gut play a big role in your overall well-being. 

The foods we eat…

How we deal with stress…


And other daily habits all affect the balance of bacteria over time. 

Keeping a variety of microbes healthy supports immune and digestive functions.

What we eat is very important – 

Feeding the good bacteria helps them help us! 

Fiber-rich whole foods fuel their growth. 

Well-fed microbes then help us absorb nutrients better.



And other outside factors also impact our inner ecosystem. 

Too much long-term stress isn’t good…

But rest allows recovery. 

Exercise stimulates cooperation between digestion and immunity. 

Limiting toxins protects these sensitive gut-bugs.

Even geography and antibiotics can disrupt microbes. 

Travel teaches flexibility…

And while antibiotics save lives by targeting harmful bacteria…

In some cases, they unfortunately impact many healthy gut microbes too. 

When antibiotics are prescribed…

Taking probiotic supplements after treatment ends…

Or eating fermented foods can help replenish disturbed bacterial communities…

And reduce unintended side effects on digestive health.

Hygiene products may also diminish helpful bacteria if overused.

Overall, little changes each day can add up . 

Improving diet…

Stress management…

And movement sets the tone for balance. 

Healthy gut bacteria then enhance our overall wellness.

Next time, I’ll discuss signs that gut bacteria may be out of balance so we can take proactive steps. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

I’m Suzan Galluzzo, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and a mom, too. And I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (without losing your cool). I know what it’s like to be that mother, wife, and caregiver who spends most of her nights awake only to have a full-time, relentless job waiting in the morning. Without her, the household doesn’t run. I get it. Read More >


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