RFC in my world means Request For Change

Feeling depressed and ashamed at myself for being overweight, I started this program. Ready in my head that that moment was going to be the start of a new me, I had decided to do this after having a presentation by colleagues about Sue’s impact on their life. I was going to stick to it, no matter what, crazy schedule, life. NO MATTER WHAT!!   I was not just going into this with weight loss in mind, but with a deep desire to live a better life, improve my health; physical and mental. I think that’s an important first step-Mindset.

Second thing I had to do was identify what could make me quit. Two things really bugged me, and have stopped me in my tracks in the past from losing weight:

1-Shopping; I knew at one point my clothes would get too big, and some may not understand this, but it’s a terrible feeling for me to go shopping; I have major buyer’s remorse.

2-People staring; I knew I was going to start getting stares/compliments, which makes me very uncomfortable. You know that stare that the person can’t figure out what is different about you, and they don’t want to talk about your weight being down” or the flat out “wow! You’ve lost so much weight !! “…So that confirms it, I was really fat.

I decided to change my attitude towards those two things, faced them head on; if I have to shop for clothes, then do it with a smile, and don’t feel guilty, because if I kept gaining weight I’d need new clothes anyway. Second regarding the compliments, savour them, people don’t just throw those around, and take it as a personal victory, a little trophy everytime!

So with this attitude, and after starting with Sue and the other girls, I got hooked, I stayed away from the non-believer’s and pessimists. I listened to Sue’s words and made sure they constantly echoed in my mind, she helped us week after week giving advice on food, on technique, and supporting us with compliments, all of us…I am down 30lbs, I am happier, calmer, more of everything and less of everything else- All around Good!

I personally feel like I lost much more than 30lbs, because I am not loose skin 30lbs lighter, but muscle, solid 30lbs lighter.

I am not at my ideal weight yet, another +10 to go, and they are not coming off easy those pounds, I am building so much muscle I wish I would have measured my waste back in January! But I will keep working, I will get there, and when I am there, I will be a winner of Reebok Fitness Challenge.

Thank you Sue- I’m looking forward for many more months/years together! J