3 Month Master Program with Suzan Galluzzo

USD $5,000

Take Your Fitness Goals to the Next Level

with Suzan Galluzzo’s 3-Month Master Program
In addition to everything included in the award-winning Best of You Program, this VIP Master Program includes:
  • Personal text/email communication with Sue for full accountability
  • Private 30-min calls weekly with Sue to tackle your personal diet/exercise challenges
USD $5,000
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Are you looking for RESULTS?
Whether you’re hoping to lose 15-30+ pounds in the next 12 weeks, re-balance your hormones to feel better, or make long-term lifestyle changes for your health, I have the expertise and track record to help get you there. I’ve helped over 10,000+ people transform their lives and now I’m opening up one-on-one fat-loss, education, and health and fitness coaching to EVERYONE.

What makes the 3-Month Master Program different from my other programs?I’m your coach and I will be your system of accountability throughout your journey. That’s right – for the first time since starting Best of You, I am now making myself available for one-on-one coaching.

We will communicate via text/email/phone call or my appYou’ll be able to book 30-min calls with me to discuss your progress or tackle your challenges when it comes to diet/exercise, and you are paying for my time and expertise:
  • Weekly 30 minute phone call with me
  • An initial plan based on a deep review of your health, fitness and diet history
  • Regular check-ins with my feedback and commentary every Monday via the app
  • Adjustments to your plans as needed based on your progress and satisfaction
  • Answers to all of your questions
  • Access to my Educational video calls once a week
  • Free macro 1-1 zoom meeting in phase 2 with my Head Coach Carly Cooper

In addition to this highly personalized 1-1 coaching, here’s what else is included:

  • 12 weeks of workouts so know exactly how to exercise to get the results you want
  • Seamless phone app to track your weekly workouts, progress photos, personal bests, and metrics for overall health
  • Suzan Galluzzo’s award-winning classic nutrition that is typically ONLY taught to Best of You members
  • 2 weekly group coaching calls with various topics and guests
  • Private Facebook support group that is typically ONLY offered to Best of You members. Having the support from our community is the KEY to success for many people.
  • Adjustments to the meal plan based on how you are progressing, how your schedule changes or what foods you have access to or what you like or don’t like
  • Built-in flexibility and sustainability so your results are permanent. The diet plan you DO FOR LIFE is the diet plan that gets you the physique you want FOR LIFE!
  • Plans for cheat meals and snacks because it’s important that you ENJOY your diet and can follow the plan while LIVING YOUR LIFE
  • Delicious meals fit for your meal plan with my complete set of diet-friendly recipes

Remember: you are always ONE DECISION away from a totally different life. This program could be your catalyst to an entirely new you!!

Additional Pricing Info
You are hiring me to get you RESULTS. You owe it to yourself and me to COMMIT and achieve your goals. Therefore, once you sign up, there are NO REFUNDS.
All prices are in USD.

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