COVID-19 30 Day Shred 2

COVID-19 30 Day Shred 2


What you get:

✅ New routines to shape troublesome areas. Lift, tighten, tone
✅ Lean out with specific Macro nutrient guidelines
✅ Guided Live Nutrition Zoom Call
✅ New cleanse protocol to support new nutrition plan
✅ Increasing thermic and fat burning foods
✅ More amazing food combinations that work to increase permanent fat loss
✅ How to properly calculate your calories and figure out your macros
✅ No more confusion figuring out how to calculate what you should be eating 



You also get access to everything from Covid Shred Pt 1

A brand new-home workout app with video instructions from yours truly.

✅ 6 Days a Week of Workouts all at home based all in line with Sue’s body shaping rules.
✅ A Shred Document complete with recipes, guidelines and simple to follow. (Men can do this too!!!)
✅ A preliminary online PRIVATE coaching session with all the Covid-19 Shred Members to make sure you fully understand the program and how to ensure success.
✅ Access to the VIP Facebook Support Group with all the other members doing the Shred. Separate from the Hourglass Workout Markham and Aurora Group.
✅ Supplements protocol