Here’s Some of the Amazing Before & Afters of My Members

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Here’s What Some of Our Members Say About Their Transformation Journey

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I considered myself to be somewhat fit my whole life but I lacked the discipline and interest to do any cardio. A friend introduced me to The Hourglass Workout where I met Sue and my life hasn’t been the same since. Sue has pushed me since day one to help me reach my fitness goals and even convinced me to compete in my first fitness competition. Her workouts were challenging and different everyday and I always left feeling amazing. She truly cares for ones personal goals and will do anything to help you reach it. Aside from being a great mentor, she is a great support system to have in your corner.Wanted to try to keep it short and sweet but let me know if you want it a bit longer. I can ramble for hours!  Miss you!!


Cindy Fabro, RMT

Words wouldn’t be able to express the way I feel and the gratitude I have towards Hourglass and especially towards Sue. I joined on a whim when I was going through depression from being overweight, and I honestly dont know where I would be now if I hadn’t signed up. I tried everything you can imagine to try and lose weight for years, and nothing worked; until this! I managed to achieve my goal weight in a matter of 5 months and I can’t wait to continue to strive for my next goal. The whole program is amazing and never once gets boring, or feels repetitive. You are pushed to the max during each class, which for me is the push I need when trying to lose weight. Sue was (and still) always watching and encouraging me and made sure I pushed as hard as I could to get the results I currently have. I’m happy to have her as a huge part of my life now. I will forever be grateful, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you’re unsure if Hourglass will work for you, my before and after pictures might change your mind. If I can do it, anyone can. Thank you Sue ❤❤❤


A Six Pack Me!!! Never would of believed it. That all changed when I met a very special lady backed by a very different kind of fitness company.

My name is Elisa and I just celebrated my 50th birthday and I am in the best shape of my life.

On September 2, 2014 I decided to try, one more time, at achieving my fitness goals.  I was tired and exhausted and seriously not wanting to celebrate much.  I was a nice Italian girl who had let herself get lost in her roles as mother, wife, daughter etc.  My search led me to a new fitness studio called Hourglass. So on September 2, 2014 my girlfriend and I signed up for a trial class. I was turning 50 in 6 months and I realized that it was now or never. I left that first class with so much hope and adrenaline for what the future might hold.

From day one Sue provided me with a vision for the future and a plan to achieve it.  “Just trust me”, she would say.  “Come on, you can do this”, she would belt out during class.  “The only competition is that lady you are looking at in the mirror right now”, she would point out. She provided coaching in a compassionate way that enabled me to shatter my own mental barriers, which resulted in my total body transformation.

After 7 months of following her nutrition plan and workouts I am so proud to say that I have a six pack.  Yes at 50, a very sexy 6 pack. I went from an XL to XS, the inches just started dropping off. My mental clarity and commitment just got stronger and stronger.

Every step of the way she has been encouraging me and supporting me with her simple, “You see I knew you could do it”.  My daughter and son are very proud of my accomplishments and constantly want to have plank competitions with me. They are quick and proud to point out to their friends, “Look my mom has a 6 pack”.

Hourglass is designed for women, their program is a real no nonsense program that works. It’s fun and it’s a community of women that are striving for their personal best.  They coordinate great events that keep life interesting and rewarding.

I cannot even count how many times I have thanked Sue for helping me achieve something that has eluded me for years. She knows her stuff and she calls it like it is. She has it down to a science.   I am grateful for her skills and fortunate to have finally stopped wasting my money and energy on programs that are made to look good on paper, but worthless on the gym floor.  Thanks Sue.


Joining Hourglass was a life changing decision for me. The community at HG Markham has made my journey that much more successful and fulfilling. I am constantly surrounded by strong, confident and ever-changing women who support each other every step of the way. Whether it’s sharing meal prep ideas or encouraging each other through a killer workout, this place is more than a gym – it is inspiration, motivation and dedication. This is a place where we work hard and push ourselves to the limit. Our instructors provide guidance for the kitchen, support when we may lose sight of our goals, and kick ass workouts that get it done! Thank you for everything, including booty bands and burpees.

Sue is the type of trainer that leads through example. Always coming to class with creative and effective workouts that focus on what her class wants to work on. She is a motivator in all ways. Looking at woman who leads an incredibly hectic life while having two young children and still being able to reach her goals inspir…




“I write this to little over a year that I have been a member at your hourglass establishment. I write to you so you know how you have help me on my journey. I want you to know, because of you and your dedication on the warnings of refined sugar…. I heard you.

January 2017 I made the promise to remove it out of my life. I can say I’m at a 95% removal.

My body, skin, mood changed because of this decision.

Because of this decision I was able to make other positive changes in my life. I wanted to get stronger physically. I wanted to be able to keep up a lean muscle body all year. I can say I have achieved this.

Sue, you have ladies listening to you all the time. Keep talking your speech on getting sugar out of their lives.

Of course I knew this. But maybe you were the 101 person to say it, and I finally woke up.

Your classes are kick ass. Pushing me farther that I’ve have ever pushed myself.

I have finished my membership but I’m not saying I’m not coming back. I’m just trying other physical challenges In my journey. Hourglass will always be the light to me if I fall off this journey.

I’ve always been fit. I’ve always loved my body. But never like this. Thank you for being an influence in my life.”

Jeniffer Cueto

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