In light of our nutrition session this past week I’ve realized that most of our members and most women struggle with sugar being their addiction. Don’t get me wrong I have lots of salty babes but for now lets address the sugar since it is one of my favourites.

I too have a love affair with sugar. Whenever my cheats were allowed it was sugar all the way for me.

But it always left me feeling bad, sluggish and was a pain to get over. Sometimes after a show I would snowball into this sugar binge and it was every other day I was having something sugary. But it didn’t end there. I knew if I started my day that way, I was ending it that way as well.

This is because sugar releases a hormone called dopamine. It’s the reward centre of the brain. Therefore your brain says go back for more.

Then I avoided sugar all together and we all know that deprivation is not the answer to anything. I know that the affects of sugar can be the most detrimental. Causing fluctuations in your metabolism is responsible for obesity, and all this talk of sugar and Cancer got me going. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m deathly afraid of Cancer. Lost my dad to it who was somewhat healthy didn’t smoke or drink. I can honestly say had a sugar addiction.

God rest his soul did he ever love donuts for breakfast, Danish’s at lunch and a mountain of fruit before bed. I honestly thought that this was how all dads ate.

I’ve been on this Pantry Project for just over 5 weeks where I make all my kids snacks now without any refined sugar. The most interesting thing started happening. It’s after Christmas and we are all on a downward spiral of sugar overload. Our bodies are still craving it and so I’m in the kitchen constantly trying to keep up with the demands for sweets.

I’m making protein balls, cupcakes, cakes, even chocolate but without any refined sugar. All natural ingredients. They taste incredible and no ones complaining about the granola bars and junk that’s now missing. Fantastic I feel like I’ve already won the battle.

Weirdest thing starts to happen. Weeks go by and were not going through as many balls and stuff as fast as we were in the beginning.   I mean I’m offering chocolate covered cake balls and my kids are taking a few bites and leaving it. No joke there asking for chicken soup, Caesar salad, noodles… FOOD! There asking for FOOD! What in Gods name is going on here?

Here’s the best part for me at-least. I start my show prep about 3 weeks ago I’m all in no more cheats and sweets for me. Keep in mind I too am on the natural dessert takeover as well. I have been eating only sweets from my recipes when I’m having a craving. So I haven’t had that much refined sugar in my body.   I’ve never had an easier first 3 weeks happen in show prep. No crazy cravings SO FAR where I’m ready to give in and throw in the towel for a chocolate chip muffin… Today was a confirmation of my findings. I was on little sleep, its Sunday so I’m not racing off to the gym I’m with my kids all day. I’m so tired and emotional from all the training and a new trainer, and issues with work, and its Super Bowl Sunday so I’m alone with the kids, did I mention how tired I was?

Not enough chicken in the house… need I say more. Didn’t have any desires to give in to my cravings. Did I have a few too many tablespoons of peanut butter yes I did. I promised my kids we would bake and that we did safely and mama didn’t get herself into any trouble with food.

This no sugar thing is doing more for my family and me than I ever expected it to. I just wanted my kids off of the granola bars and bear paws. If there’s one thing I want you take from this it’s never think that a task is to big to take on let alone succeed at. I was so scared to do this and was ok with failing at it at-least I tried right? But I’m winning and I like winning!