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Invest in Yourself in 2024 [transformation story]


Losing weight and getting healthier seems more important during the first few weeks of the year.

It appears everybody wants to lose weight and is very motivated in January.

A new year = a fresh start.

A blank slate.

But a lot of people need someone in their corner to help them reach their goal.

And getting healthy is an investment.

Take this Best of You member for example.

After having been a caregiver for over 17 years…

She wanted to focus on herself after trying various weight loss programs in the past.

And while the programs worked for a short period of time…

She wasn’t able to find anything sustainable. 

But once she joined Best of You…

She was able to lose 50 pounds in 6 months!

See for yourself her amazing transformation.

I’m so proud of her commitment and dedication to bettering her health!

She feels good with the food she puts in her body now…

Food that gives her energy and doesn’t leave her bloated…

Because once you know how great you feel when you eat the right foods…

You want to keep doing it.

It becomes your new lifestyle.

But I often hear from a number of women the investment is a lot.

And I get it.

But I want to break the components of the program down for you and show you it may not be as much as you think .

Let’s start with the workouts first.

Hiring a personal trainer could cost you hundreds of dollars every week…

Which definitely adds up after a few months.

With Best of You though, I’m your personal trainer…

And the cost is a fraction of what you would pay someone else.

Next is meal plans.

Any meal plan is going to cost you money…

Even popular “diets” that also claim to help you lose weight.

But Best of You is different.

You don’t just get a meal plan and navigate it yourself.

Me and my team are here to answer any questions you may have.

Are you able to eat this particular food?

Or is there a substitute?

We can help you answer any question you have so you can maximize your results…

And keep those results long term!

Finally, Best of You has a unique nutrition component.

You get the knowledge you need to empower yourself.

Why do certain foods work with your body and others don’t?

What role do hormones play in your overall health?

Are there certain factors that influence your success with losing weight?

You become the student to your own body and get to understand nutrition and the WHY behind your food choices.

Nutrition courses alone can cost you thousands of dollars…

But it’s included with Best of You.

So while there may be an upfront cost…

Isn’t your health worth your investment?

It was for this Best of You member.

I want to give you the tools you need to succeed this year…

Or even continue to succeed on your transformation journey. 

You deserve to invest in yourself, and do something for you.

And I want to be in your corner cheering you on as you reach your goals.


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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

I’m Suzan Galluzzo, Personal Trainer, Group Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, and a mom, too. And I’m here to tell you that you can have it all (without losing your cool). I know what it’s like to be that mother, wife, and caregiver who spends most of her nights awake only to have a full-time, relentless job waiting in the morning. Without her, the household doesn’t run. I get it. Read More >


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