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“Healthy” alcohol


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You will probably never, ever, EVER hear me say, “drinking a lot is good for you!”
If you’re eating clean, alcohol is definitely one of the first things you should cut out of your diet.
That being said, if you really really must have a drink, not all alcohol is created equal.
When it comes to your health, some drinks are better than others. Be sure to get the right ones, because then if you’re treating yourself at least you get something out of it.
There are three different categories and I’ll quickly go through each one: beers, wine, and spirits.
A professor at Amsterdam University recently said “strong” beers are actually very, very healthy. What the heck does that mean?
Basically, any time beer is made, it has to go through a fermentation process. Live cultures (probiotics) are added to sugars, and they provide lots of nutrients and micronutrients to make beer.
“Strong” beer goes through fermentation twice. Basically, you get double the probiotics, which help with digestion and fight inflammation.
Go for a Belgian-style beer — they are the “strongest” and are sometimes packed with more probiotics than your grocery store’s healthiest yogurt!
Wine is made from grape skins, which contain resveratrol (a powerful polyphenol with anti-aging properties).
It binds to free radicals in your body and prevents cells from oxidation. This can help keep your blood pressure and heart healthy, as well as potentially fight against cancer-causing agents.
Go for a malbec wine — these are made from grapes with thicker skin, meaning they contain more resveratrol. These types of wines are generally dark red, smell very rich, and are bursting with flavour.
Go for tequila if you can. Tequila is made from the 100% natural agave plant.
The fructans found in this natural sweetener are diabetic-friendly, and they don’t raise your blood sugar.
In fact, some studies show that small amounts of tequila can actually help lose weight (not that I’ve ever seen this first-hand).
Of course, always be safe when you drink. Drink lots of water and don’t ever over do it — once to two glasses a week is PLENTY if you’re treating yourself!
Also, make sure you’re not mixing drinks or drinking while on medications (especially antibiotics).
And always avoid the sugary cocktails because those are just loaded with calories that offer ZERO heath benefits.
That’s it for today — cheers!



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Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo

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