The corporate setting is ever evolving to improve the functions and morale of employees.  Wellness programs are being added to the workplace.  If you are keen on creating an environment where people want to work. Come in even when they are feeling sick. Come in on their off days because they don’t want to miss a workout. Then you need to contact me. Ive created a results-oriented program that promises to deliver on all those things.  I have proof of companies I’ve worked with that conquered things such as employee morale, and increased productivity.

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What’s Included

  • Complete guide to Nutrition and habits including Recipe Books and Videos on how to achieve weight loss or health specific goals.

  • Live presentations on Nutrition guidelines and a frame work of how to achieve goals in Health and Fitness

  • Live training options specializing in corporate programs training with little investment in equipment 

  • All women or all Mens classes

  • Online videos on days off

  • Specialized presentations building upon their knowledge

  • Accountability checks with their instructor

  • Documents and guides that support the program

  • Unlimited employee support

Benefits Include

  • More fun in the workplace

  • Creating better moods and environments for those working away all day at their desks.

  • Improved productivity. The brain is more focused for tasks after a workout.

  • Employees feel more energized and motivated to accomplish work.  No more burn out and sleepiness.

  • Employees are happier.  Endorphins released during a workout improve their outlook on their jobs.  They are less stressed out.

  • Builds community.  Employees that have never spoken or crossed paths are more confident to approach each other and make connections.

Study after study confirms that workplace wellness programs reduce healthcare costs. Less doctor visits, less pills to take, less medicine. So keep the heart disease at bay by participating in your work wellness program!

Employees will feel a sense of accomplishment.  They will feel as though they are contributing to their health and goals. Tons of weight lost in all my programs which we all know makes people look and feel better.

Contact me to hear what this program has done for hundreds of employees.

contact me about opportunities

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