Not all my members know me on a personal level to know my weakness is sugar.  I hate that it is and I truly believe one day it wont be my cheat.  Any documentation I’ve ever read any experienced trainer will tell you don’t cheat with sugar.  Cheat with steak, pizza, burgers.  Your body will recover easier than sugar.  But I’m not here to talk about that I’m here to talk about how I cheat, why and how I maintain my weight.  If I’m not training for a show I try to train 3-4 days a week.  I try my best to eat clean Monday to Friday.  When I say clean I’m not touching anything other than protein, greens and complex carbs.  What keeps me motivated are the super tight clothing I like to wear and everyone can agree they hate that feeling when their Lulus are snug on Mondays.  I wont cheat every weekend.  Every two weeks sure because sometimes its two nights in a row that I’m going out.  So how do I handle the evenings out and parties.  I will eat clean right up until the event and I mean the day of the event Im eating my pancakes, egg whites, chicken and greens and brown rice.  At the event I’ll try and pick my poison of the night.  Am I indulging in wine, steak and potatoes or the cake station.  To do all of the above is sure to give me the runs all night not to mention feeling bloated.  If its two nights in a row one night will be drinking and the other dedicated to dessert.  That’s my poison.

Following the event is water, water, water, green tea, and more water.  I will actually wait to eat again until I’ve flushed it out with as much water and green tea as possible.  Like I’m talking I’m waiting for the number 2.  When you see me at the studio with my tea and coffee and water in hand I’m flushing.  So you see that cupcake that took about 5 seconds to consume had allot of thought and careful calculation put into it.  I am not just picking up a cupcake and shoving it my mouth.  Do I enjoy life you ask? Very much so especially in my really tight clothes.