Ok so I’m always saying how I don’t do crash diets I don’t do trends all I do and believe in is whole foods and clean eating year round and cheats here and there.  But…I did a little experimenting with the bullet proof coffee trend.   My husband and I were intrigued after having an indepth conversation with our naturopath who is a huge proponent of the idea.  She was a believer in the fact that the fasting part would put and keep your body into ketosis for a longer period of time.   The process in which your body uses fat stores as energy.  Your body is fasting from 8pm to 12 noon the following day.  This is how we did it every morning for about a month.  We would brew 4 cups of coffee in total and add about 1.5 tablespoons of Organic coconut oil and 1 tsp MCT oil.  We were not fans of the grass fed butter and I couldn’t go against everything I believe in and put butter in my coffee.  We would blend it in the vitamix and it would make a nice frothy mixture.  Tastes delicious I don’t know if I could ever go back to black coffee.  Well after about 2 weeks I was definitely leaner but I did up my training at the same time and incorporated some fasted cardio.  So was it the fasting?  I believe in combination with all the other things I do like clean eating and working out. I dropped about 3 pounds.  I was not clean on the weekends entirely.  My husband on the other hand is down a solid 12 pounds after 4 weeks.  He also trains but was not clean on the weekends.  He says he wont go back to the way he used to eat he says this way  does indeed leave him light and thinking clearly for the most of the day and he is consuming