The purpose of this call is to ensure that you are ready for a program with Suzan Galluzzo and that you can see yourself following.


What you get with the Best of YOU program: You get a ton of resources that took me 10 years to develop. You get weekly check ins and support. You will get weekly coaching calls full of educational information that you will use for the rest of your life. You will get all the information and different systems I’ve used on my 3000 plus transformations.


This program is for anyone who is willing and able to put their nutrition and weight loss efforts at the top of their list. It’s for anyone that realizes in order to get to their dream body they will have to enlist in a coach that knows how to get them their.

We’re looking Forward To Our Call!


Yes! my diets are based on healthy whole foods found anywhere in the world.

My recipes can be adapted to almost every culture.

That’s part of the fun and the learning.

My results speak for themselves.

With my workouts designed by me they shape women’s bodies.

These are not workouts created by a man or a program.

I have written designed and tested all my workouts for the past 10 years.

We will never be ready or motivated to make changes that can be uncomfortable.

If your soul and your heart is desiring change. You need to listen.

I can promise you that what I’m going to teach you will be 10x better than how you are living now.

You will be way more efficient and not only lead a healthier lifestyle.

You will also save tons of time and money using my processes that have been tested for 10 years plus.

I have been at this for 20 years and not without struggles.

I have 2 kids of my own. I am currently 42. I had to learn new methods each time I entered a new time of my life.

My metabolism has slowed down. I like many of my members is peri-menopausal.

I have done shows, fitness modelling, strength training you name it.

My experience and ability to teach other women trumps any coach out there.

If you will notice many members end up with my body shape so if you like me, you will like you!

Sometimes its faster in the beginning sometimes slows down later on.

But steady always wins the race.

Did you look at your last coaches resume?

Did they have over 3000 transformations for one person?

Did they hold the same values you have. Can you relate to them.

If you answered no then you hired the wrong coach. I have a 90% success rate.

My programs work for those that desire the change they deserve.

Yes, part of your accountability is weekly direct check-ins with me.

You will tell me your wins, losses, how you can improve and concerns or questions.

This is how I can dive deep into your transformation and give you solid advice week to week.

We never miss a step. I will always hold you accountable.

That’s what women need to make things happen.

We are so busy being responsible for everyone else.

Someone needs to be responsible for us in helping us achieve our goals. That someone is me.

Yes! I have ages of 17-70! I have transformed over 3000 women there isn’t a woman in the world that wouldn’t benefit from my teachings.

Yes both. We start at home and its your choice if you want to do gym workouts later in the program.

Yes! We do this through strength training as well as fat burning workouts.

They shape, lose weight and build strong lean muscle.

Yup! I have many skinny fat girls. They all follow the same fat-burning food principles.

And with the workouts we create long lines and definition of the body.

There are several skinny-fat transformations in my Instagram @suzangalluzzo

The minimum for a transformation is 3x per week 45 minutes per day.

Yes! I write and design all the phases you will enter in.

There are 3 phases of training and 3 phases of workouts.

No, you don’t have to love to sweat and the weights we do aren’t that heavy.

We are creating lean feminine physiques.

My programs have been designed for different phases of the transformation.

You may need to lose weight before you do fast HIIT training and thats perfectly ok.

I work with you and your ability, to create the best version of you

90 Days and then options to renew for different goals are presented later.

Yes we offer a 10% paid in full discount.

No geez no. I can get you there faster, smarter and without the headache of trying to do it on your own.

I will hold your hand so that you get there.

Why do this on your own if you can’t do it by now.

You need a coach that knows what they are doing.

Its not your job to know what to do.

I’ve studied this for over 10 years.

So many girls think that way, and delay starting.

That they could be so far along in their journey if they just started when they should have.

Don’t be embarrassed or procrastinate. Go with your heart and your souls desires.

She wants you to do this for your future self.

I will help you modify what ever you cannot do.

So many women I coach have limitations.

Knees, backs, surgeries, injuries.

We work around them.

Something can always be done.

Nope we work around all your food allergies.

My nutrition plan is based on clean eating principles and is mostly allergen free.

I’ve never met a woman that couldn’t do my diet.

And remember I’ve coached thousands.

Depends on your preference. Its comparable or less than what you are spending now.

No, not yet. I do require that you stop drinking for a few weeks in the beginning until the pounds start coming off and we gain momentum.

We do take diet brakes so that you can go on vacation, to the cottage.

Or if you get fed up at any point we reverse diet back to higher calories so that you can mentally and physically take a break.

Then we go back to fat loss.

This is optional. Not necessary if you don’t need too.

I’ve helped executives that travel 3 weeks per month successfully lose weight for good.

I teach you a lifestyle. How to eat in restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Even on the road. This is a large part of my program.

I have designed it for life and if you travel or not I will still teach you the same principles that will get you through LIFE.

Book an appt to have your call and we can take a deposit for the next session.

Have them on the call.

If you need someone there with you please have them on.

We don’t do calls unless both decision makers are there.

Yes we can set up a Transformation Game Plan Call.

Dieting is hard. And it’s even harder when you don’t have anyone to help you navigate against all the ups and downs on the journey.

I literally hold your hand as a VIP client.

You will never be alone in your struggles.

And I make sure you stay positive to get you to the other side.

I know that not everyone in your household will want to be on your journey and that’s ok.

I will teach you how to efficiently make your meals and theirs as well. But before you know it everyone in the house will want to try your food.

All my girls even my most seasoned veterans struggled at one point.

Everyone struggles at the start but before you know it as the weight comes off.

You will feel lighter. The workouts become easier and easier.

They will always be somewhat challenging.

But it’s not a race nor is it a competition.

You do what you can and what YOU are capable of.

We make modifications if you have limited movement as well as injuries that prevent you from doing things.

I teach you don’t worry. I made my recipe book when I was pregnant with an Italian husband and a picky toddler.

My recipes are short, easy, and most of all tasty.

My husband who LOVES food eats everything I make.

I will teach you how to become the most efficient at creating your meals as well as theirs.

I will also teach you so well that when you host parties you will follow the same principles because the food tastes so damn good.

Change will almost always trigger anxiety. And that’s ok.

We need to deal with the issue head on but with a plan.

A process that has proven to work for over 3000 women in my 10 years of teaching.

It’s bound to work for you. I will help you deal with your anxieties and previous bad experiences with dieting and rebound.

Don’t worry girl, I got you covered.

Slow and steady wins the race.

The minimum to see an amazing transformation is 3x per week of workouts.

I haven’t met a woman that couldn’t keep up with that.

But that’s not to say that I haven’t had women that came into the program and couldn’t workout at all.

They still got their goals and staying there so they can enjoy life again.

There will always be pressure from others to eat the way they want you too.

I will teach you how to navigate around it so that no one’s wiser.

They don’t have to know what you are doing.

This is your journey not theirs.

They will be the first ones asking you “ How you did it”.

Most of the women in my program have some kind of pain or injury and we only do what we can.

We don’t push you to increase the injury.

You will work within your limits. Remember it’s not a competition.

I’ve had several women that couldn’t workout because of injury and they still manage to lose the same weight due to my extensive focus on learning the food.

You will also find that the food will not only help you lose weight but reduce inflammation in your joints so that your pain is minimal.

I can promise you that how I teach you how to meal prep will save you on time and money.

I can almost guarantee what I will show you will be better than what you are doing now.

And the minimal requirement to exercise is 3x per week.

I haven’t met a woman that doesn’t need that in her life.

As a minimal requirement for your health.

This program is about keeping you healthy for an extra 20 years of your life.

Your life will be more efficient and you will feel so much better.

You will get your own app that has a daily check list so that you are reminded of what to do daily.

You will also get to see when others complete their workouts it will show you.

And so it motivates you to get moving as well.

That’s what I aim to teach is a lifestyle not a diet.

One that your entire family should live.

Its more about living healthy than losing weight.

The weight loss is the effect of the program.

My girls have been with me for 10 years and they still live the lifestyle.

Results in my world happen pretty fast.

As soon as you make the changes in your food and movement.

You will see changes happen within the first week.

As we enter into different decades of our lives we digest differently at varying rates.

I will teach you at any age what foods and food combinations work best for maximum fat loss.

You get my tried and tested fat burning body shaping recipes that members still use long after their transformation.

I will teach you how to do this anywhere anytime. You will learn skills that will take you through any decade of life.

Our microbiome our gut health is why things that worked in our 30’s don’t work now.

I will teach you how to navigate around that.

We’ve all had an experience when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle changes in nutrition.

I have worked tirelessly at making this program fool proof in my 10 years of being in business.

I don’t look at previous experiences as failures. I look at them as warm up rounds.

The more you fail the closer you are to success.

And you haven’t met me or done my program yet.

You probably were never taught an effective way of doing this as a successful lifestyle.

That’s why I exist. I’m successful 90% of the time.

And it’s because I pour into my girls to ensure they are taught about everything.

So they understand and can easily implement in their own lives.

Not with me you aren’t. I’ve had a long success rate and incredible transformations.

I work around the clock on my programs and making them better.

No one fails with me unless they don’t want it.

Believe it or not my online girls do better than my in studio now because they have direct access to me.

You get one on one access to me and all my teachings.

We meet once a week in a virtual coaching meeting on Zoom where I talk to you mostly about nutrition, as well as how to get through to your final goal.

I only work with serious women that know and understand that this is a part of a long term plan of health and wellness.

If you need a safety net then may not be ready for changing your life for the better.

This is not a diet I am teaching you a lifestyle one that will not only give you the body of your dreams but will also help you lower your chances of certain disease.

During the process there will be some discomfort of change in adjusting to the food. But its manageable.

Remember 3000 women have succeeded how hard can it be?

Also keep in mind that we will reverse diet when you are at your goal so that you are at a comfortable calorie range and don’t rebound ever again.

I have extensive experience in getting women to their.

You are embarking on a health and wellness journey.

Yes there will be temporary discomfort. During your journey I will teach you how to eat at events and dining out while still staying true to your goals.

When your done the weight loss part of the program I will teach you how to do whats called “reverse dieting”.

We will add back calories while maintaining all the hard work you achieved. You will be able to enjoy life at a comfortable level of calories.

The biggest difference between my programs results and the other coaches teaching people how to lose weight.

Is I am teaching you how to make delicious foods. How to pair foods together for maximum fat loss.

My girls never go back to their old ways because I teach a lifestyle that’s perfectly maintainable after the program.

Not only that we will do a “reverse diet” after your weight loss journey that will ensure you live on a normal amount of calories.

The other problem with most diets is that they teach you how to lose weight but they don’t get take your body from burning fat to maintenance level calories.

You can’t live on that low of calories and without the right coaching back up you risk weight gain as well as making those fat cells grow again.

When we embark on something new espechially something as sensitive as weight loss.

Those negative thoughts try to talk us out of doing it because we risk failure.

Yes it’s a new challenge. Yes it will be new information most that has never been taught to you before. I have a 90% success rate.

I’m here to tell you that I hold your hand during the process.

I am there to catch you with the right advice each time you have a question.

You will be accountable to me and for that reason we don’t let our girls fail.

With over 3000 transformations I have been doing this for 10 years.

I have experience in almost every type of woman.

Don’t be scared of failing I will do everything I can to not let that happen.

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