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Meet Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan is the Transformation expert and creator of “Best of You,” the seminal online transformation program.

With over 1,000 active clients nationwide and 11,000+ client successes, she is an RHN Registered Holistic Nutritionist, the recipient of the WXN top 100 Female Entrepreneurs award, and a mother of two.

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More About Suzan...

Previously, she owned and operated three women’s transformation studios for over ten years.

Suzan is featured in count-less magazines and appears regularly on various TV shows, and is a key-note speaker at industry conferences, She has appeared on and in Breakfast Television, CTV, Inside Fitness Magazine, The Financial Post, Globe & Mail, and many more.

What started as an early passion for fitness and health evolved into a lifelong commitment to helping celebrities, thought leaders, politicians, work-ing professionals, and stay-at-home moms transform their lives by healing their bodies from the inside out.

After successfully working in the corporate world, she discovered her hobby was her passion.


The thing she had been committed to her entire life was HER calling.

Suzan has always placed health as a priority.

She competed in several bikini com-petitions; she taught friends how to achieve health and wellness goals.

That passion evolved into her purpose in life.

She is committed to serving oth-ers in health and wellness.

She saw a deficit in the fitness industry, especially the female sector, with people misled by fad diets and quick fixes.

There was a need for scientific-based nutrition, paired with practical ways of building muscle to attain the body and health of their dreams.

Becoming a mother revealed more issues that troubled women in weight loss and nutrition. She opened up her studio, and due to her innovative approach to educating females in the fitness and health space, she became a top female transfor-mation coach in Canada.

Her peers recognized her for producing mind-blowing transformation results for all kinds of women and men.

Reebok approached her to become their corporate trainer.

Her program with Reebok resulted in tremendous success.

People were listening to her message and participating in the program successfully.

Wanting to share her knowledge far and wide, Galluzzo created a world of total health, diet, wellness, and fitness became a lifestyle where women felt better than ever.

Teaching people how to eat clean and train safely and effectively. Building confidence, health and results inside and out.

She cherished the deep friendships made and began to build a like-minded community.

“Best of You” was born through hard work, perseverance, education and compassion.

Worldwide success fol-lowed, leading to Galluzzo’s recognition as a recipient of the 2021 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™ Award Winner in the BMO Entrepreneurs category by the WXN Network.

Always striving to fill gaps in this industry, Suzan recently partnered with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey to create the 8 Week Healthy Family challenge adding yet another necessary program to her roster of programs.

Here she teaches families how to transform their lives through health and nutrition.

Galluzzo uses her growing platform to teach men, women and families how to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

Having expanded her brand Nationally in Canada, Galluzzo has gone global.

She currently splits her time between Los Angeles, California, and Toronto, Canada, with her two children and husband, and she continues to change lives.

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How I Can Help You...

Get my comprehensive transformation program ‘Best of You’ and build the body you want. Join over 10,000 ladies and transform your health.

Best of You Program

Join My 90 Day ‘Best of You’ Transformation Challenge


Wellness goods to guide you to a healthier mind, body & soul. 


Balance your hormones, take control of your weight and look 10 years younger in three months or less..

Regardless of your age while eating delicious foods

Take a look at some of thee amazing transformations from people who have participated in this program.


Success Stories

I discovered my “why” and finally made myself a priority so I could fully be there for my family!

Like a lot of people, Melissa became aware of what she was eating, and habits her daughter was starting to develop, during the pandemic.

Being at home significantly more during that time period, she wanted to adopt a new health and wellness lifestyle that her whole family could follow too.

Melissa enjoyed the easy to follow plans. They made meal and snack times such a breeze.

Melissa enjoyed the easy to follow plans. They made meal and snack times such a breeze.

Since she embraced this innovative solution for healthy living, she has so much more energy, focus, and clarity.

For Melissa, discovering her “why” was much more vital than the weight she lost, but you can still see how fabulous she looks now!

I overcame tragedy and rediscovered my beautiful, fulfilled life!

Robin suddenly lost her husband of over 40 years, and entered into a period of her life that could only be described as a haze. She was ready to go back to bed the moment she woke up during this difficult mourning period.

As she was coming out of the haze, Robin knew she didn’t want to be a burden on her daughters. They became her inspiration to start making healthy choices.

Robin liked the community she found, and how easy it was to have accountability.

She embraced her healthier lifestyle, and continues to honor her husband’s life by living life to the fullest every day.

I went from being inconsistent and gravitating towards junk foods to confident and loving my healthy lifestyle I lost over 40 pounds twice!

Vanessa struggled with consistency, but she had the drive and determination to make healthy choices.

But after having four children, it felt like she wasn’t quite at her goal before she had another baby and started the process over again.

She lost 40 pounds after her first two children, and then slowly started to see her weight increase. After her third and fourth babies, she was intent on finally making a complete lifestyle change.

This time, in a matter of months, Vanessa was able to lose 66 pounds and gained the confidence she needed to accomplish her goals and be an inspiration for her children.

Even better, her husband started following this new lifestyle with her. He transformed his life and lost 100 pounds!

Vanessa loves the nutrition insights she gained from the program which makes it simple to eat delicious, nourishing foods.

Ready for Change?

Balance your hormones, take control of your weight and look 10 years younger in three months or less...

Regardless of your age while eating delicious foods.

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Suzan Galluzzo, I am a Personal Trainer, Group trainer and Nutrition Specialist, but most of all I’m a mom. Im here to tell you yes you can do it all without losing your cool…

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